dérive, herumschweifen, to drift refers to the aimless movement through a city. Psychogeographie, bestimmt der Zufall die Richtung des ziellosen Driftens, geleitet von Plätzen, Straßen und Orten selbst. Es gibt nichts und alles zu erforschen, in einem weitgehend planungs- und erwartungslosen Zustand. * Psychogeography is the study of the effects of geographical setting, consciously managed … Continue reading dérive

Experiencing Tehran

This webpage serves as travel journal and for my friends to follow my adventure drifting through Tehran. I was asked from many people to have a online diary, this hopefully serves best. The idea to work and to explore Tehran arose during my first visit to Iran, Januar 2015. I will experience different methods of … Continue reading Experiencing Tehran